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Cover for the book, Two Ways Home: A Foster Care Journey

Continued Collaboration

Rebekah Wood is truly a remarkable artist. She transforms the scenes from each page into LIFE-LIKE duplicates of the characters in the story. I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. We have really enjoyed these two projects.


"I just finished reading "Two Ways Home." It's such a cute book and an easy read...I don't think there are many books out there on this subject for children...I highly recommend this book."

Angela Haire, GA

"This is excellent for children in foster care or children wanting to learn more about foster care/adoption. I think this book would be a great way to discuss many complex issues with a classroom of students. Illustrations delightful!"

Nancy Mitchell, Educator, TN

“Got my book in the mail this week while hosting a group of social workers/trainers in my home. We took turns reading it out loud around the group and several were in tears. Such a moving story.”

Sandra Fields,  Chief Quality Assurance Officer in the foster care field, TN

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